Ethan Rohloff Photography

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Dwight David Eisenhower, commander of allied forces during WWII, used to say that, before the battle plans mean everything and during the battle plans mean nothing.  Ethan’s experience allows him to know what problems must be solved before a shoot, be it logistical, technical or creative.  He can then plan for achieving the best result while at the same time being flexible if conditions change.  This is especially important in creating aerial photography where there are many variables.

About Ethan

Before becoming a commercial architectural photographer over 10 years ago, Ethan had a 12 year career in sales and sales management within the medical industry.  That corporate experience is the cornerstone of his ability to communicate with clients, plan a strategy and deliver to the brief.  Since then, he has always had an interest in learning new things in his niche of photography.  Ethan’s foundation of experience photographing the built environment from the ground carries through in a unique way to his skills as an aerial photographer. 


Satisfied clients is what it comes down to at the end of the day. Delivering to the brief and beyond expectations is what motivates Ethan for his commissioned work. Virgin Australia has it right. If you take care of the customer, they will take care of you.  Ethan constantly asks himself, “what if” in his pursuit of even better photography and new ways to complete a project.



Ethan Rohloff has produced aerial photography of a number of Bates Smart projects in Australia. He finds graphically compelling and unique angles to tell the storey of our projects from above.
— Philip Vivian : Director, Bates Smart Architecture
Metropolis has counted on Ethan to create photographic content for many of our campaigns over the last several years. He has created content for our projects from on the ground, from a crane, from helicopters and with drones. His experience as both and architectural and aerial photographer means he alone can handle many of the critical elements of a campaign.
— James Cooper : Founder and Director, Metropolis Advertising
Ethan’s approach is considered. He takes time to understand the brief and campaign objectives, and provides useful recommendations and solutions to enable the optimum outcome; and he always delivers.
— Jen Hume : Chief Marketing Officer, Hoyne Design
I worked with Ethan Rohloff on several high profile projects during my time as the Image Library Manager at Destination New South Wales. They included numerous aerial photography commissions of Sydney Harbour and its icons. He was also engaged to capture numerous notable events from the helicopter such as the Australia Day Celebrations. Ethan could be counted on to communicate and collaborate effectively with the multiple stakeholders. He is able to fully take on board the brief, plan diligently, and deliver amazing photography. In my experience, he is incredibly efficient and reliable. In general he is a pleasure to work with.
— Emma Scott : Former Image Library Manager, Destination New South Wales